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Cleo – Sofia Crop Top 32HH; Black Panther

cleo sofia crop top

Sofia captivates with its cut which brings to mind a . classic sports bra – it is modest and promises strong support. And this lace! First class! Leopard print is not everyone’s cup of tea (although Agu likes it for example), but in this version it a magnificent, stylish piece. By the way, we have […]


D+ Bralettes Exist! Cleo by Panache – Lyzy 30F

When Panache announced they would start producing bralettes, most big-busted women were at least intrigued – for a long time bralettes were conspicuously absent from the giant’s lineup and everyone got used to the fact that the situation wouldn’t change. Suddenly, however, today’s subject, Lyzy, was announced alongside Andorra; classic triangles over a wide band. […]


Ava – Clamor Longline 65G i 70J; Oranges and Satsumas

ava clamor longline

Clamor – another word for racket, uproar, excitement – definitely what you think of when you see such a severe orange shade, like that worn by road workers, or the one found on warning triangles. This longline shouts from afar “Warning! Pay attention to me!”, so we honour that request with a review.    65G […]


Clash of the Titans: Semisoft bras by Ava 1/2 – Secret 65G

ava secret semi soft

My quest to find a sensible semisoft continues. If anyone considers it a first world problem, well, first of all – they’re right. Secondly, it took me less time to find a life partner, so it’s not a challenge to be taken lightly. The problem lies in the fact that EVERYTHING must fit the shape […]


Anita Active – Air Control DeltaPad 70F; Strappy Air Condition

During one of the Salon Bielizny events I tried this model in pink and it didn’t pique my interest then; not my colour. However, I need to admit that like in all relationships, a bit of time is needed before the bra reveals all of its strong sides. DeltaPad is now a mainstay in my […]