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Room669 – Leia 65G: 24 Carats of Gold on Boobs (and coupon code!)

Room669 - Leia

I am as of now wearing 24 carat gold on my boobs. Additionally it is in form of a very sweet bra, or more like its’ hardware imported from France and put together with the rest of the brassiere in Wroclaw, Poland (big shout out to the city). How many times in my life am […]


Ava – Creme Cup Longline 75I; Ice Cream Cups

ava creme cup longline

Innocent, slightly transparent white in a girlish cut – that’s how I would describe this offering from Ava. A delicate lace which will cover your body in a sexy mist – is what the ad for Creme Cup could sound like. Is it like that in reality? Let’s find out!   75I   Wymiary/Measurements: Obwód […]


Panache – Aria 34H; Bordeaux Wine

panache aria wine beige

Staying with the pink and violet theme, today’s piece is a mature, distinguished shade of purple in a stylish outing. It reminds me of mulled wine, making it perfect for late autumn and winter. It will definitely work well during an evening spent under a blanket with a cup of hot tea… but enough daydreaming, […]


Lupoline – Big Soft 1875 65G; Gaugin and Hibiscuses


Lupoline is a brand that I have ogled for a long time, but never had a chance to try their bra on or buy one. It was Floor, lovely Dutch brafitter and lingerie store owner, convinced me to give Lupoline a chance by carrying the brand in her store; her recommendation means a lot to […]


Panache – Andorra Soft 30F; Wisdom of the Elders

Another debut is upon us; non-nursing bra without wires from Panache. Anybody surprised, raise a hand. Yeah, so am I. The time was nigh, given how trend for non-wired bras and bralettes just arrived at the industry table like Kanye West at the Grammys, demanding recognition and reaction; either way, if you read us regularly […]