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Chilli Wine – Betty by Tutti Rouge (70HH)

tutti rouge betty

I love everything feminine. I’m one of those girly girls, flavored with chilli and wine (BTW, adding some Cayenne pepper to your mulled wine is highly reccommended!). And that is exactly how Betty is – in between feminine and girly, spiced up just a little.   Wymiary: / Measurements Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 75.0 […]


Scantilly – Ignite 70HH; Yummy!

scantilly ignite bra half cup

My love for Curvy Kate is an universal truth now, so is my appreciation for Scantilly and their designs. You know… I like when it’s all sexy schmexy. With Ignite the mission has been accomplished, which I will elaborate on in a second.   Wymiary: / Measurements Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched : 75,1 Obwód […]


Scantilly – Showtime 70HH; Spotty Hottie


I always loved Curvy Kate, co when Scantilly asked me to test out their products, I was overjoyed. You know – not only is this my favorite brand, but also in a boudoir edition! Wowsie! For starters I got a Showtime. Pretty and comfy. The first impression was beyond good, so I started the testing […]