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Panache – Andorra Soft 30F; Wisdom of the Elders

Another debut is upon us; non-nursing bra without wires from Panache. Anybody surprised, raise a hand. Yeah, so am I. The time was nigh, given how trend for non-wired bras and bralettes just arrived at the industry table like Kanye West at the Grammys, demanding recognition and reaction; either way, if you read us regularly […]


Panache – Ardour 65F: Sensuous Magenta

panache ardour magenta

Ardour is another renegade that kept switching brands – from Masquerade, through Panache Black to Panache. We have a soft spot for these, because you really need to be special to go through three rebrandings and still remain a part of the collection. It’s such a bestseller that it has entered the mainstream – high […]


Róża – Scarlet 70F: Spotty Nottie

róża scarlet push up

Róża is one of those cheaper Polish brands that I usually looked down up with some suspicion. If it is Polish, it must have been manufactured poorly, homo sovieticus is live and well. After a few very good experiences with Polish brands I revoked my previous state of mind and simultaneously started to expect more […]


Konrad – Coralia Padded 70J; Coral Bewilderment

konrad coralia padded

I chose Coralia as my review bra due to its original colour (we really do hear your suggestions and wishes, gals!) which upon closer inspection turned out to be even more … original. Reviewing took me a while since it is a bra that needs time and space to show off its strengths. Wymiary/Measurements: Obwód […]