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D+ Bralettes Galore, Part I: Salem’s Scissors

salem's scissors

Bralette that will handle and contain a bigger bust is a Holy Grail for many of us – brands have a tendency to assume that we will have to be content with what they give us, no matter how much of a mismatch and shitty product that is gonna be. There are business though that […]


Ava – Picaso 65G / 70J : Woodstock 69′ and Rainbows

ava picaso soft semisoft

The print on Picaso is a pattern that might as well make a decent Woodstock hippie gown. Here we have an entire color spectrum all framed with rectangles, circles, triangles, and spirals. I’m quite fond f it – although I was rather taken aback by Picaso when I first encountered it, in February. It’s one […]


Chilli Wine – Betty by Tutti Rouge (70HH)

tutti rouge betty

I love everything feminine. I’m one of those girly girls, flavored with chilli and wine (BTW, adding some Cayenne pepper to your mulled wine is highly reccommended!). And that is exactly how Betty is – in between feminine and girly, spiced up just a little.   Wymiary: / Measurements Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 75.0 […]


Gorteks Camila B3 – 65H ; Royal Peacock

gorteks camille

I fell in love with Camila when I saw her for the first time on Gorteks – lingerie de femme fanpage on Facebook. Beautiful peacock print looks like something straight out of my bra-dreams: teal and violet (or purple, depending how you perceive colours)  are my favorite colours, and the peacocks are symbols for rich […]