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Slovianka Lingerie – Fantazja 70F ; Turquoise Sea

slovanka lingerie fantazja

Slovianka Lingerie is an indie brand that wasn’t really talked about in bra-world; neither Polish nor British girls have heard about it. My first contact with the brand was when I spotted their Jump Up! sports bra on Allegro whilst looking for a sports bra. Those natural, non posed pictures really made that bra stand […]


Gorteks Camila B3 – 65H ; Royal Peacock

gorteks camille

I fell in love with Camila when I saw her for the first time on Gorteks – lingerie de femme fanpage on Facebook. Beautiful peacock print looks like something straight out of my bra-dreams: teal and violet (or purple, depending how you perceive colours)  are my favorite colours, and the peacocks are symbols for rich […]