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Anya & Ceylon: Panache Swim for Summer 2018 (30F / 34H)

panache swim bikini anya cruise ceylon bandeau

You asked us to review swimwear – summer is just around the corner, and it is high time to look for a comfy bikini. We decided to tackle this challenge and try out some beach goodies, choosing widely accessible Panache as our first specimen. The sets are bit similar, yet funtctionally totally different – just […]


Rosa Faia – Selma 65G; Snow White

rosa faia selma bra

If Helen Mirren was lingerie she would be Rosa Faia – mature, clasically beautiful woman who needs a piece of clothing in the right size to look classy and chic. There is no place for crazy designs, but the products are timeless and always in style. A few months ago I tested Anita’s sports bra […]


Chilli Wine – Betty by Tutti Rouge (70HH)

tutti rouge betty

I love everything feminine. I’m one of those girly girls, flavored with chilli and wine (BTW, adding some Cayenne pepper to your mulled wine is highly reccommended!). And that is exactly how Betty is – in between feminine and girly, spiced up just a little.   Wymiary: / Measurements Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 75.0 […]


Syrokan High Impact Underwire Level 4 – 70F ; Cheap Yet Good

syrokan by la isla

Syrokan is the daugther brand of La Isla – conglomerate that sells dead stocks and II category products of various brands, such as Panache, Sculptresse, Shock Absorber, Wonderbra and other I haven’t identified yet. Brands with estabilished reputation won’t allow bras with little fuck ups to be sold in any of the official retailer shops, […]