Cleo – Kali 70HH; Candy Hearts

cleo kali

Every time I have a chance to chose something from Panache to test, I’m always into the most colorful bras there are. Being my size, Cleo’s products are true gems coming in every color of the rainbow (and more!). My today’s choice is Kali in amazing neon pink shade.


Wymiary: / Measurements
Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 81.9
Obwód w spoczynku / Band  65.9
Szerokość pojedynczej fiszbiny / Cup width 16.7
Głębokość miski  / Cup depth  32.8
Długość pojedynczej fiszbiny  / Wire length 34.2
Szerokość mostka  / Gore width 2.7
Wysokość mostka / Gore heigth 7.9
Wysokość pasa koło miski / Wing heigth 11.1
Szerokość ramiączek / Straps width 1.9

Haftek w rzędzie / Hooks 2

Ocena: / Rating:


Estetyka / Aesthetics
Wygoda / Comfort
Cena / Price
Wytrzymałość / Longevity
Kształt / Shape


Kali is made of mesh, mesh with a lot of cute hearts. That is THE set I wanted when I was 12 (panties with frills, color, hearts…!). Little, striped bows add some adult vibe, making my 12-year-old self sad, but 26-year-old happy with the lingerie. 





Straps seem quite standard in width and are fully adjustable. I have a problem, which is classic for me: gore doesn’t touch to my chest, but I couldn’t fit a world in there, just one finger. So it’s good enough.




Kali is comfortable to wear, but sometimes the mesh in upper part of the cups slides a little, makin me readjust my boobs – inside, outside, upwards, stretching the fabric. During a long day I need to check myself twice, so not much of a problem!



It’s a casual, every-day bra – color aside, it would make for a pretty good basic item. It’s perfect, if I’m not in a mood for a real deep cleavage. In the upper part of the cups, breasts are a little flat, which isn’t necessary disadvantageous. Sometimes I don’t want to flash my ladies to the world. Let’s not brag too much, ok?

As for the comfort – two-hooks fastening is a blast! Easy to use even at 5 a.m., before coffee, there’s no missing! 



Cleo’s Kali is a perfectly comfortable, everyday bra without the WOW effect. IMHO, those are the hardest one to write about. What spices up this style surely is the color, which still catches my eye, even after more than a month of using.

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