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Pigeon – Luna Gown: Robes of the Luxury Goddess

pigeon koszula luna jedwab

I must admit that when I have first seen Luna, I had two associations: a pregnant Greek goddess or a Victorian schoolgirl who had someone cut her petticoat over the knee. The cut of the gown does not emphasize the waist or shape, and the upper ruffle lies exactly on the collapse of the curvature […]


Room669 – Michelle 65G: Fraternal Twins


Not all twins are identical – most differ in even one small detail. Such are the two Michelles, balcony bras from Room669. Although they carry the same name and at first glance, they look as if they were only different in colour, in fact, they give a slightly different effect both in the front and the back. Welcome, […]


Cleo – Everly 30F; Windows 95 Pixie

cleo everly high apex

Everly is almost exactly in the colour of the default background of iconic Windows 95. Come on, children of the 90s, who can remember the screen covered with marine-ish cyan? It was my first association with this beautiful semisoft (!) upon close inspection, but after a while, I had to ease my judgment; if it’s a Windows 95-themed […]


Kinga – Alison Longline 70F; Burlesque, burlesque!

kinga alison półgorset push up

Allison many things to mind with its design – Dita von Teese, Tim Burton,  Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse, Beetlejuice … this is a very interesting longline, because we have here some  lace, and brocade silver stripes, a choker necklace, and a rhinestone buckle between cups, but it does not scream ’90’s diva’ or look tacky. On […]


Lupoline – 1932 65G; Cleopatra and the Scarab

lupoline push up żel 1932

I do not think I will surprise anyone when I say that all the holographic, brocaded, and metallic elements in the bra are appealing to my inner Cleopatra; you know from our Instagram that we like to flash and flaunt. This season will see a lot of these cuties … meanwhile, let’s take a look […]