Soft Mint: Fantasie – Alex Side Support 70HH

fantasie alex

Have you ever had that feeling of real need for a certain colour or cut of the bra and the you look for it with dedication yet within a set price limit? Answer to my longing for a minty softie turned to be the Alex by Fantasie.

Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 88.0
Obwód w spoczynku / Band 68.8
Szerokość pojedynczej fiszbiny / Cup width 17.3
Głębokość miski / Cup depth 34.4
Długość pojedynczej fiszbiny / Wire length 35.6
Szerokość mostka / Gore width 2.1
Wysokość mostka / Gore heigth 10.0
Wysokość pasa koło miski / Wing heigth  10.6
Szerokość ramiączek / Straps width 2.3

Haftek w rzędzie / Hooks 3

Ocena: / Rating:

Estetyka / Aesthetics
Wygoda / Comfort
Cena / Price
Wytrzymałość / Longevity
Kształt / Shaping


Alex has a pretty, pastel-mint colour. Works well as a bra for a bit less revealing outfits; you won’t expose your cleavage, but it collects all the breast tissue from wherever it decided to migrate. No sideboob or quadding in this little fella.



Altough this model is what I was looking for (colour and side support cut) it doesn’t wow me. I know that my size is not exactly a predictor of narrow straps, but those in Alex are – for my taste – a little too wide. They are also very long – I had to shorten them after the first wear. Fortunately they are fully adjustable.
The upper part of the cup is made of doubled mesh and the layer on top – the one with pretty embroidery – wrinkles a lot and makes the cup stick out.
The band is a true conundrum. When I put it on the first time it was easy to fasten the bra on the last set of hooks, but after mere two hours the bra started suffocating me. Now I wear it on the first set of hooks. The band isn’t very flexible and works worse than what my beloved Curvy Kates made me expect. Alex is not an uncomfortable bra, but it tends to leave marks on my skin and can itch a bit during the day.
After a bit of exploitation the gore decided to act out – it doesn’t tack anymore and sticks out much more than high-cup bras in this size tend to in general, yet not enough, to fasten the bra tighter. Yet another riddle!



This is the reason why Alex does concern me in terms of it’s durability – and I lowered my rating. I thought there will be months of wear before I will have to shorten the band or replace the straps, and that there are no weak spots in the design. At first I was only concerned with the wrinkling embroidery and how will it affect the overall cup condition, but now I am worried about the band and how will it survive the further wear.
The price was great, coincidentally – our partner, LingerieOutletStore, lists the bra for 18,95 pounds, and they have a coupon code for the readers; 10% off everything with VIP code (use it before the checkout). The coupon code is valid forever – until further notice. Check out what we think you may want to get 😉

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