Freya – Deco Vibe 65F – Is The Correct Size Enough?

deco vibe plunge bra
I had many different experiences with Freya. My first Deco, which I looked at very suspiciously ( smooth? Moulded? No shiny lace or anything?) was a Moulded Half Cup which fitted me perfectly in 32F UK – it was also very comfy, but I did not get that rounded cakes on a plate effect my fellow bra-obsessed showed off in bra groups on Facebook. Then Hatty Moulded Plunge came along and it wouldn’t give me that butt-cleavage either in 32F UK, though it also was a fit. Both were gotten rid off when the bands started to ride up. My next Deco – Rebel, size 30FF – was the fave bra of my boyfriend and it worked as a bait better than any other lacy or sexy bra.
Wymiary: / Measurements
Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 75.1
Obwód w spoczynku / Band  65.9
Szerokość pojedynczej fiszbiny / Cup width 13.7
Głębokość miski  / Cup depth  21.7
Długość pojedynczej fiszbiny  / Wire length 22.9
Szerokość mostka  / Gore width 2.3
Wysokość mostka / Gore heigth 5.1
Wysokość pasa koło miski / Wing heigth 9.0
Szerokość ramiączek / Straps width 2
Haftek w rzędzie / Hooks 2

Ocena: / Rating:
Estetyka / Aesthetics
Wygoda / Comfort
Cena / Price
Wytrzymałość / Lonegvity
Kształt / Shaping


The only similarity of my three Decos was the fact that when I hunched the cups suddenly were a little empty. I always heard how boobs similar to mine were just unfit for moulded cups, so I figured that a Deco is a bra I can’t hunch or lay on my back in 😉 every now and then I pondered on going cup down, especially since I mistakelny bought a 32E Fantasie in a similar cut that fitted me pretty well. I invested in two Deco Vibes in a beautiful shade of kelly green: 32F and 30F (these were the only sizes I could find on Allegro 😉 and these are my thoughts on the subject.
32F and its sister size, 30FF, were my ‘proper’ sizes as fitted in one of the specialty shops in Warsaw, and I thought for a long time that both were fine since they agreed with the dimensions of my breasts. There was a smooth line along the cup, no sideboob, when I was standing straight the cups were full. The slight gaping was something I just considered  side effect of my grandiose scoliosis and hunching.



Pics in 32F



Pics in 30F
In 32F I have some classic gaping situation and it gives me slightly minimizing effect which was what I hated in Deco. 30F, on the other hand, gives me butt cleavage! B-u-t-t cleavage! The depth difference is about 2 cms, width difference is 1.3 cms, but the total look change is huge. As you can see the wire won’t hit the ‘proper’ middle of my armpit in 30F (yes, my skin is discoloured, I have an allergy) but there is no discomfort, whilst the change in shaping is ginormous.











Bravo for the wide straps, those 2 cms are really something else. I’d rather there were no J-hooks though, since I never knew what was the point, really. Why would you hide such pretty straps? Why would you hide your straps at all? Maybe I am too lazy or simple for such inventions but I never got the point of those hooks. The Vibe and how my boobs look in Vibe is a great pleasure so I just flaunt both the bra and my boobs in it every opportunity I have.
The band is surprisingly tight; I have to wear it with one additional set of hooks for now, even though I had to fasten my 32 band on the last set of hooks from the start. The 2 hook fastening is a shame since it really reduces the comfort of wearing the bra, altough I know this is a standard in bras under the FF cup. This means I will not award Deco Vibe a Comfy Bra Cup – after a few hours the narrow band can dig into the skin which did not happen at all in 30FF Deco Rebel. The elastic band on the edge of the bra band curls underneath itself and can really hurt the skin. Ouchie.
I really love the colors – rich, golden-brown leopard print on the straps and the Irish green that makes you want to dance jig, oy 😉 that shade of green goes well with my skin tone and accentuates my eye color. I wish they topsy turvied the colors and made a leopard print bra with green straps since I would buy it faster than it takes to spell the name of the bra!
When it comes to the bottoms, we have an interesting situating going on, namely vanity sizing. It is fairly common in British brands, I should say. The S panties (UK 10) I got with the Deco have the same dimensions as my Gorteks panties in EU 40 ( L or UK 14), Vena panties in EU 40 and Tease Me by Curvy Katie shorties in UK 12. I had a similar experience with Peek – A – Boo by Scantilly thongs which in M (UK 12) were the same size as my XL (UK 16) thongs form the Wild by Curvy Kate set. The panties are comfy, pretty and fit the bra well which is all I can want from a pair of bottoms; playfully seductive.


I bought the Vibe for about 50 PLN and the panties for about 9 PLN in an online outlet store, altough the regular price is much higher. I think it is not too high thoug, given that Deco can be mashine washed, lasts for years and fits every occasion, all whilst being a very pretty bra. I am going to buy a set in a different color, because Vibe is definitely my one hit wonder of 2016.

What is your opinion about Deco? Did you omit it in your bra shopping sessions like me, not being able to grasp it charm and prettiness?

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