Nessa – Fanny M: Lacy Triangles 2.0

nessa fanny bralette bralet braletka

One of Fanny’s strongest suits is how quickly it dries; you can take it into the shower and it will be completely dry in 15 minutes. It also deals with sweat exceptionally well, which means you can easily wear it under a summer dress on a hot May day and not have to worry about anything (recommended by Lazy Bum Lingerista™). It works really well under tube dresses or ones with a v-neck.


Obwód rozciągnięty/Band stretched: 80.0
Obwód w spoczynku/Band: 69.0
Szerokość miski/Cup width: 14.0
Głębokość miski/Cup depth: 20.0
Wysokość mostka/Gore height: 6.0
Wysokość pasa koło miski/Wing height: 3.0
Szerokość ramiączek/Straps width: 1.0
Haftek w rzędzie/Hooks: 2
Ocena: / Rating:

Estetyka / Aesthetics

Wygoda / Comfort
Cena / Price
Wytrzymałość / Longevity
Kształt / Shape



As for the size chart, you will unfortunately need a bit of luck in order to find a fit. I decided that M will be the perfect size, band-wise, while the cups may be a bit too small – and I was pleasantly surprised. The cups fit perfectly – they’re ideal in their width, in their depth, while – most importantly – the fabric isn’t too elastic and doesn’t allow much stretching. In my opinion, it’s much more flexible vertically. This prevents the bust-resting-on-the-stomach effect, while also eliminating much of the bounce. I think this effect could be further diminished by changing the fabric, but that would reduce the number of people fitting into the size chart. No other choice but to make Fanny in low-band sizes! Size M will most likely fit women wearing 70DD/E/F and 65/E/F/G.





The band could be a bit smaller, but not so much that it would annoy me during the day; to me, Fanny feels like a British size 32. It can ride up towards the end of the day, but if I wasn’t feeling up my back I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. It’s such an inconsequential detail that I wear Fanny daily and I was worried that I would wear it out really quickly, but so far it’s bravely resisting the wear and tear and manages to survive both me and the washing machine.





It survives the wash like panties and so far, after two months of testing it doesn’t seem to show much signs of use. I’m very satisfied with the bralette and it’s my comfort pick of the season. It’s going to be hard to surprise me with comfort this year, because Fanny seems to be like a favourite tracksuit in bra form.





Aesthetically, Fanny is a frugal temptress – lace, a basquine pretending to be a longline and gems at the gore. Very adorable, especially since the same gemstones are on the matching panties. This is pretty much my only issue with Fanny – the panties could match the bralette better in terms of style. Currently, they don’t match the bra very well, but that could be fixed by replacing the modesty panel with the lace used for the cups.



Fanny retails for ~$26, depending on the store – I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker, but I would be much more favourable towards the price if the bra was made in more sizes. Taking into account Fanny’s quality and durability, I can’t complain much about the price 🙂

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