Panache – Andorra Soft 30F; Wisdom of the Elders

Another debut is upon us; non-nursing bra without wires from Panache. Anybody surprised, raise a hand. Yeah, so am I. The time was nigh, given how trend for non-wired bras and bralettes just arrived at the industry table like Kanye West at the Grammys, demanding recognition and reaction; either way, if you read us regularly you know that Moaning Madź is complaining mainly about lack of wirefree bras for bigger boobs. Those have to be tested on smaller chests first though – and here I am, ready for the task.


Panache – Andorra Soft 65F


Obwód rozciągnięty/Band stretched: 77.9
Obwód w spoczynku/Band: 61.6
Szerokość miseczki /Cup width: 14.0
Głębokość miski/Cup depth: 23.0
Szerokość mostka/Gore width: 1.0
Wysokość mostka/Gore height: 7.5
Wysokość pasa koło miski/Wing height: 10.0
Szerokość ramiączek/Straps width: 1.5
Haftek w rzędzie/Hooks: 2


Ocena: / Rating:

Estetyka / Aesthetics

Wygoda / Comfort

Cena / Price

Wytrzymałość / Longevity

Kształt / Shape


Weirdly, Andorra without wires is a bra much more felt by my underbust region than my classic wired ones, especially if I sat a lot during the day; it has completely different support points than bras with wires, which makes me, someone used to wires, very conscious that I am wearing a bra, even though that feeling is not unpleasant. It leaves much deeper impressions on my skin too, and I think people with less fat tissue than me might feel some discomfort due to that. If you are scared though – please don’t be. I wore Andorra for my dental surgery in full sedation, and I haven’t taken it off for 2 days until the narcotics wore off completely and I was able to walk a few feet on my own. And yet my underbust is completely fine.



Bounce is minimal. I can safely say that Andorra will not work worse than wired Panache bras. I haven’t ever had a wired version of Andorra on myself, but with experience with a looot of soft wired Panache bras I feel competent to say all is good. I was scared, to be honest, that the bras will be a giant oopsy daisy of an industry mogul, since when you lay it flat it does not make of an impression, but the smart seams do the job. This bra is sturdier than you’d think!



Shape is okay – not perfect apples, not even pointier apples, but good old bullet bra points. Fine with me, I can’t see a reason to complain, even though this is not my favorite bust shape. Cups are very wide and scoop the breasts from underneath the pits, altough in my size I can tell there is a bit of the cup that sticks out from under my armpit, when I hold my arms up; that could be fixed with a little deeper arm curve.




When it comes to aesthetics, Andorra is a sweet, classic number; nothing crazy, nothing over the top – just a good basic bra fro the paler girls 🙂 I think that the Blush shade the bra comes is will work very well as a nude; raise a hand if you ever tried on a beige bra and suddenly felt white as rice. I don’t feel like I am lighter than the bra when I wear Andorra and if I had a white shirt I would definitely choose this bra to go underneath it.




Andorra is definitely a very retro bra and the makers drew inspirtaion from the wisdom of people who made bras when the current Panache executives still cooed in their cribs. If you can’t believe that, here is a gallery of comparison pictures: all bras come from my private collection and date back from 1960-70’s.









The panties are so very cute – I want more models in this cut: butt looks great in those and you don’t get VPLs, which is a great thing when you love dresses for time efficiency and panties for their coverage – the larger the panties the better.




One thing you might want to steer away from is laundering Andorra with your regular clothing – the pink shade goes gray very easily.


To sum things up, Andorra is a cute, retro bralette, which will be welcomed warmly by those of us who like support without wires and vintage style. I will be very surprised, is the bra won’t make the core line, and more non-wired bras won’t come out soon!

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