Unikat – Cezaria 65G; Queen Victoria Approves.

unikat cezaria
I’d always link Unikat to the 75B peek-a-boo bra which I bought long before my size-related awakening. For a while, I thought this brand to be a small company, whose items would catch my eye every now and then, as I scrolled through Allegro. But when I was asked to review their product, curiosity took over. They chose Cezaria – a Victorian beauty that best premium brands would be lucky to have.
Wymiary: / Measurements
Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 78.0
Obwód w spoczynku / Band  64.0
Szerokość pojedynczej fiszbiny / Cup width 15.0
Głębokość miski  / Cup depth  22.5
Długość pojedynczej fiszbiny  / Wire length 28.0
Szerokość mostka  / Gore width 2.0
Wysokość mostka / Gore height 8.0
Wysokość pasa koło miski / Wing height 8.0
Szerokość ramiączek / Straps width 2.0
Haftek w rzędzie / Hooks 3
Ocena: / Rating:
Estetyka / Aesthetics
Wygoda / Comfort
Cena / Price
Wytrzymałość / Longevity
Kształt / Shape

 I was pleasantly surprised by Unikat’s quality – they dress up quite a variety of breast shapes for a brand that barely exceeds the chain-store size chart! Not just that – you can actually dress up a larger breast than the table suggests, as Unikat’s cups are, in fact, quite large, so a smaller breast has some space to breathe inside – 65G fits more or less like 65FF UK in Panache. Girth is slightly too big and I have to hook it on the last closure because there is no way for me to switch to 60H. Despite this slight inconvenience, Cezaria does not seem to demand any taking in anytime soon.
Aesthetics is Cezaria’s definite strong suit – embroidery is rich yet tasteful in beautiful gray and blue colors. Whoever came up with the idea of nude net panels on briefs should be headhunted by some exclusive brand that sells thongs for 30 pounds, as they are unequivocally impressive (the panels, not thongs). The fabric undeniably is of top quality. Briefs are sewn out of perfectly fine yet enduring fabric that undoubtedly meets the Victorian quality standards – meaning they can be easily pulled through a wedding ring, just like contemporary stockings.


Piękna dama do kompletu z tymi figami zawitała dziś do mnie – kto wie, kto ją uszył? Podpowiedź: marka drobnobiuściasta ze Szczecina 💙 bardzo dobrej jakości kusidlanka, i to rasowa! Ktokolwiek widział, ktokolwiek wie 😉 więcej fotek już niedługo! #lingerie #👙 #miskidwie #polskabielizna #instalingerie #intimates #bra #biustonosz #koronki #blue #panties #figi #majtki #holo #holographic #holosexual

39 Likes, 3 Comments – 👙MiskiDwie👙 (@miskidwie) on Instagram: “Piękna dama do kompletu z tymi figami zawitała dziś do mnie – kto wie, kto ją uszył? Podpowiedź:…”


The shape needs some tweaking. Diagonal seam makes the breast look a bit pointy (which is, by the way, my worst nightmare related to Polish padded bras). This can be forgiven though, because the imperfection can be completely concealed with clothing. 
Wires are, however, quite problematic for me – I have to constantly gather my breasts to the front, as they tend to slip to the sides throughout the day. I guess Unikat sews bras for breasts of a narrow basis yet wider band, just like Gorteks.



Concluding, Unikat may be quite a neat on-a-budget but tasteful solution – here we have classy, low-key models as well as eccentric, designer details like embellished seams, transparencies, and embroidery. 
Unfortunately, the size chart discourages from spending inordinate amounts of money for a bra and that is Unikat’s biggest problem. Traditionally, I should be wearing 75C, but, as I mentioned above, I wear 60H instead. I’m glad that the brand does not charge much for sister sizing, but my smile quickly fades when I see only four options to choose from my size (that isn’t even that big). But if the brand would invest their time and money in good contractors able to extend the size chart at least to L, Unikat could still have bright future. 
Price-wise, Unikat isn’t particularly demanding. A bra for 74PLN with matching briefs for just 35PLN – this together is a crazy low amount considering the quality. A busty lady, whose breasts fit Cezaria’s size chart better, would be delighted and happy to pay more. I see bras of such quality in stores for 130–150PLN and if the rest of what Unikat offers has similar parameters, I sincerely recommend experimenting.




What are your thoughts? Do you happen to own any must-have from Unikat?

Nikt nie zgadł 😱 Przedstawiam Cezarię – retro kusidełko od Unikatu 😉 moje jedyne doświadczenie z marką do tej pory to półbiustonosz 75B sprzed 8 lat… I jestem nardzo pozytywnie zaskoczona jakością! Majteczki delikatne i cieniutkie jak bibułka. #lingerie #👙 #miskidwie #polskabielizna #instalingerie #intimates #bra #biustonosz #koronki #blue #grey #bielizna #koronka #retro #kokardka

38 Likes, 6 Comments – 👙MiskiDwie👙 (@miskidwie) on Instagram: “Nikt nie zgadł 😱 Przedstawiam Cezarię – retro kusidełko od Unikatu 😉 moje jedyne doświadczenie z…”

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