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Cleo – Sofia Crop Top 32HH; Black Panther

cleo sofia crop top

Sofia captivates with its cut which brings to mind a . classic sports bra – it is modest and promises strong support. And this lace! First class! Leopard print is not everyone’s cup of tea (although Agu likes it for example), but in this version it a magnificent, stylish piece. By the way, we have […]


Ava – Creme Cup Longline 75I; Ice Cream Cups

ava creme cup longline

Innocent, slightly transparent white in a girlish cut – that’s how I would describe this offering from Ava. A delicate lace which will cover your body in a sexy mist – is what the ad for Creme Cup could sound like. Is it like that in reality? Let’s find out!   75I   Wymiary/Measurements: Obwód […]


Panache – Aria 34H; Bordeaux Wine

panache aria wine beige

Staying with the pink and violet theme, today’s piece is a mature, distinguished shade of purple in a stylish outing. It reminds me of mulled wine, making it perfect for late autumn and winter. It will definitely work well during an evening spent under a blanket with a cup of hot tea… but enough daydreaming, […]


Ava – Crystal Longline 70J i 80G – Madź & MaMaMa(dź)

ava crystal longline

 Today we got a special treat for you, since I tried the longline with my Mom. As you may know I tried Crystal already as a standard bra and I was enamoured with it. No wonder then that I knew I just needed to have the longline version when I saw it! If you are […]


Stormy Fantasy ; Cleo – Minnie 70HH

cleo minnie

This July is horrible – instead of summer, we have April. Storms interluded with moments of sunlight, flowers which are either dusting or soaking wet. A month of contrasts. Just as contrasting Minnie is, about which I will tell you today.  Wymiary/Measurements: Obwód rozciągnięty/Band streched:  82.6 Obwód w spoczynku/Band:  67.5 Szerokość pojedynczej fiszbiny/Cup width:  16.7 […]


Chilli Wine – Betty by Tutti Rouge (70HH)

tutti rouge betty

I love everything feminine. I’m one of those girly girls, flavored with chilli and wine (BTW, adding some Cayenne pepper to your mulled wine is highly reccommended!). And that is exactly how Betty is – in between feminine and girly, spiced up just a little.   Wymiary: / Measurements Obwód rozciągnięty / Band stretched 75.0 […]